Railroad Station & Depot Items

The railroad depot in the Golden Age was a place where adventures began and was full of hustle and bustle. Railroads had offices and operations based in stations and many of the artifacts from these places fall into this category. While technically many signs and advertising items could fall into this category, I have included them in Railroad Advertising, Signs, & Promotional Items. Items included in this category are things such as: Baggage Tags, Clocks, Wax Sealers, Lead Sealers, Telephone or Telegraph Equipment, Cabinets or Cases, Ticket Daters and Ticket Dater Dies, Ticket Punches, and other similar administrative railroad items. I have also included my page on the Express companies in this category because it is not a primary focus and Express companies operated out of the rail depots and stations in many cases.

Below is a listing of my pages on railroad station & depot items:

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