Antique Railroad Wax Sealer Values

Among all of the collectibles within the railroadiana category, my personal favorite are wax sealers. These items were used in an earlier day to imprint the name of whoever was sending a message into the wax seal used to make sure letters and packages weren’t tampered with. Wax sealers were used by all sorts of businesses and private individuals so they are not a railroad collectible unless the seal is for a railroad, or company or individual closely associated with the railroad, such as the Express companies (Wells Fargo, American Express, etc.).

These sealers contain a lot of nostalgia, not just for that rare feeling of recieving an official sealed envelope in the mail, but the authority, pomp, and circumstance of a real was seal is of great interest to many people.

Some collectors will collect sealers from specific railroads or companies and try to get as many locations or varieties as they can, while others try to get one from as many railroads as possible. Wax sealers usually have the name of the company or railroad, the location of the office where it was used, and sometimes a number or name of the person who used it.

I’m always trying to add to my collection and I love sealers so please Contact Me if you’re looking to sell one, or an entire collection of sealers.

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