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This is a website we have created with information on all manner of antiques from the Railroads of the United States of America. These great companies helped build the US as the industrial power it became in the 1800s and 1900s.

Over the years there were thousands of railroads and railway lines from large Class I operations with famous passenger and freight routes all the way to smaller interurbans or trolley lines. The sense of exploration, adventure, and nostalgia we get when we think of the railroads joining the east and west of the country into one, of travel as a luxury, of new places and new experiences all these things lead people to collect and enjoy the antiques and artifacts from the railroads.

We can help you by appraising, identifying, and authenticating railroad memorabilia, antiques, and collectibles. If you have items you’ve found, inherited, or owned for a long time and you are clearing out space or selling, we are eager buyers! We complete hundreds of purchases every year and we will pay you before you have to ship us the item, we take all the risk to make you feel comfortable with the process.

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