Antique Railroad Broadsides Value Guide

Broadsides are large posters that were placed at train stations and depots which usually advertised rates and schedules. Railroads also printed broadsides for advertisements, as notices, warnings, and with other news items. Broadsides are often referred to by dealers as “ephemera” which means objects that were to be used for a short period and then thrown away. Lucky for railroad collectors and enthusiasts, many broadsides were saved and preserved. With paper items condition is especially important because it is such a delicate material. Broadsides that are free of stains, tears, creases, folds, or edge problems get a large premium over less pristine items. The value of broadsides is based off the aesthetic value of the piece (how good a collector thinks it looks), the railroad listed, condition, rarity, and size. Broadsides can sell from $100 up to $500 or so.

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