Value of Railroad Books, Guides & Manuals

Countless books, guides, manuals, texts have been written about railroads. Some of them are stories and picture books, others are guides from the railroad companies to employees, manuals, train listings and other textbooks on locomotives with technical documents and plates.

The most popular book found is The Official Guide to the Railway, first published in 1867. Obviously older and rarer copies are worth more, however the earliest versions are simple collections of data and times, while later copies have beautiful maps and illustrations that are very desirable. Other desirable text’s are Moody’s and Poor’s.

Any book about the railroads could possibly be collectible, especially if it’s out of print, the number of objects are too many to outline here, but feel free to Contact Me! with questions.

Do you need help finding the value of your antique railroadiana item? We can help with single items or entire collections, and we provide a hassle free service and most of the time we can answer contacts the same day. In order to help you we will need to see pictures of your item or items so the best way to get started is to email pictures to us at

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