Antique Railroad Locomotive Bells Value Guide

Bells were placed on locomotives to give the engineer a way to warn people that the train was coming. Locomotive bells are the highlight of many collections with their brass or bronze casings polished to a shine. Most bells from locomotives are quite large, anywhere from 12″ to 17″ in diameter, and can weigh hundreds of pounds with their cradles. Because they are difficult to move and maintain, and because of their rarity and desirability bells tend to bring high prices when they come up for sale. Unlike with a builder’s plate, if the bell doesn’t have any history to accompany it, it can be very difficult or impossible to track down specifically which locomotive a bell might have come from. For this reason bells with provenance will also sell for higher prices. Finally, bells from older, larger or more famous engines or routes will also add a premium onto the price. Large, rare bells in good condition can be among the priciest of railroadiana collectibles and truly are a treasure for the dedicated hobbyist.

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