Antique Railroad Tools Value Guide

Railroad tools encompass all sorts of hand tools and accessories used by workers to maintain the buildings, rails, cars, and locomotives that made the railroads run. Often sets or individual items will show up in the collector’s market and tools seem to sell pretty well. I include in this category not just traditional tools like hammers or shovels, but also oil cans, pails, supplies for workers, etc. Some images of different tools are shown below, this is not an exhaustive showing and there are other types and objects that do exist. Values on railroad tools depend on the item and vary significantly. Average or normal tools typically sell for $20 and $90. The exception to this are tin cups sometimes known as graniteware because of the beautiful swirls of blue or green usually seen on them. These cups with a good railroad lable or initials can bring over $500.

Below are some images of railroad tools:

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