Dietz “Vesta” Railroad Lantern Values

The Dietz Vesta was one of the most popular and widely sold lanterns and is still very common on the market today. The Vesta was first marketed and sold sometime between 1900 and 1910 and was sold continuously with variations up until the mid 1950s. There are two primary types of the Vesta, the earlier “hi-top” model and later “lo-top”. The Vesta takes a unique globe at 4-1/4″ tall and is easily recognizable with its large “cold-blast” tubes on either side of the lantern that circulated cold air to burn a brighter cleaner light than competing designs.

Dietz Vesta lanterns were stamped with a production date starting in 1915. The date stamp is the numeral of the month followed by a two digit year, separated by a dash ( 3-24 would be March of 1924 ). Many stamps also include an S or an M for Syracuse or Main, depending on which facility the lantern was produced at. After 1956 laterns were no longer stamped, and the Main plant shut down in 1931. Before 1915 instead of the date of manufacture, patent dates were stamped on lanterns.

The value of Dietz Vesta lanterns is lower than most because it is so common, most sell for less than $50. Dietz Vestas in excellent condition and with rare railroad markings / globes can bring higher prices, but still top out around $80-90 making this model a great entry point for newer lantern collectors looking for a nice piece.

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