Brady Railroad Lantern Values

Lanterns marked “Brady Malleable Iron Railroad Lanterns” are usually just called “Brady” Lanterns by collectors. These are quite rare and unique because they were produced in the late 1800s in Conneticut but the company didn’t achieve commercial success so there are not a large number of them compared to other makers. When found, these lanterns typically carry the initials or markings of railroads found in the Northeast that were in operation during the time period of the late 1800s. These lanterns feature many unique features that are not seen on lanterns made by any other maker, some of these features include diamond patterned perforations in the smoke dome, large embossed railroad initials at the top of the dome, perforated bell bottom instead of a wire base or solid bell bottom. In fact, almost every part of a Brady lantern is unique when compared to lanterns that are seen more commonly, whose makers borrowed heavily from each other.

Brady lanterns were made early in the life of the railroads and the fact that its features never caught on only increase their value because they are so unique and interesting. It is not uncommon for Brady lanterns to sell for well over $1000, I am always interested in buying Brady lanterns so if you have one please Contact Me for more information and for my best offer.

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