A&W “Reliable” Railroad Lantern Values

Adams & Westlake, also known as A&W or Adlake, made the “Reliable” model tall globe lantern from around 1912 to the mid 1920’s when short globes began to take over the market. Reliables, like many other lanterns could be ordered with many variations. The biggest difference in Reliable lanterns to look for is whether the dome on top is stamped from one piece of metal, or if it’s 3 pieces put together ( collector’s just say “one-piece” or “three-piece” dome ). Other options available are 1 or 2 horizontal guards, verticals made of round wire or flat ribs, and a wire-bottom or bell-bottom base ( the stand part, or base of the frame will be made of a wire cage, or sheet metal respectively ).

Reliable lanterns were purchased in large quantities by many railroads from large companies down to smaller trolley lines and come up for sale fairly often. To bring top dollar lanterns need to be in good condition with all parts undented or otherwise significantly damaged. Most collectors prefer lanterns with some patina so it is not advised to do heavy scrubbing, cleaning or polishing. Lanterns also need to have the original globe, and globes other than clear or red will be most desirable. Finally, value will be based off of the railroad identified on the lantern.

Reliable lanterns vary in price from around $75-200.

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