Antique Railroad China

Dining cars on the rails were similar to today’s fine dining restaurants on wheels, they had elaborate menus, the finest china, linens, and glassware. These objects would be valuable in their own right as fine antiques, but with railroad names engraved, applied, or decorated onto them they take on an even finer appeal. China used on the rails typically included the name of the railroad and often even the name of the route on the china. Many collectors try to complete entire sets of china, which drives up the value of rarer items like serving platters, and demitasse sets. Some railroads tend to command higher prices, such as the Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe.

The most common manufacturers found on railroad china include:
Buffalo China Co.
Greenwood Pottery
Hall China Co.
Lamberton (Scammell)
Union Porcelain Works
and many others

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